Get Pumped - We're making this official!

Get Pumped - We're making this official!

Today marks my first step in making my dream to create a new way for parents to shop a reality. My business cards have arrived, and I feel like this is really happening!!

Bit about me... I'm the owner of a high end interior design firm EMC2 Interiors located in NYC. I have worked with amazing clients since 2009, but decided after the birth of my first son Nolan, that I wanted to make a change. 

I first met Lina at a mommy group when our sons were 5 weeks old. Basically our sons were born in the epicenter of winter, and between lack of sleep and blizzards, our only refuge was to meet up with other moms on maternity leave and commiserate over margaritas. We totally hit it off, and the rest's history. 

While telling a few clients the news of my next adventure, many have been supportive, and few have responded with, "but you're not leaving me right...!?" That's the best compliment I could ask for!

I toyed around with opening a store for years, but I wasn't ready to pull the trigger. I started forming a business plan, and wanted to create a online store offering parents a way to shop that's in between a retail store and hiring a interior designer. That's when a light bulb went off in my head and Curated Nest was born. Sure there was a lot of steps in between like 1500 name ideas to the point of driving my husband insane, but I'm finally happy with the direction to make it public!

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