12 Coats of Paint - Erin's Tudor Renovation

So to recap if you didn't read my last blog about moving to the burbs and becoming a suburban momma, the hubs and I officially sold our apartment in NYC and bought a 1930’s Storybook Tudor in Westchester, NY needing a complete design overhaul.  

Dealing with closing on 2 properties, packing up, buying a 2nd car (ok, that part was cool), and moving with a toddler was a BIT stressful…. Let me tell ya… But now that it’s done and the house is ours, I’ve somehow managed to block the madness… like childbirth (however childbirth you can at least get an epidural which is amaaazing…).

We figured that owning a house we could do work as we pleased. Well, day 1 we learned every town has an architectural review board, so we have to follow certain guidelines to not piss off the town… or neighbors, so we need to break down the work into 4 phases:

Phase 1: Move in ASAP, meaning, quickly slap up some coats of white paint and rip out all that luscious pink shag carpet. (If there were Lisa Frank posters to go with the pink stenciled hearts, that would have been a game changer)

Phase 2: Design a new kitchen/mudroom addition for the architect to file for permit.

Phase 3: Hire a contractor in exchange for Cheerios (yes, those are lovely faux pickled laminate flooring, mmmm)

Phase 4: Design and Decorate (whoop whoop)

The thing I love about this house are all the architectural details, but with the crazy paint colors the previous owner used, it put the focus on the paint vs. the architecture. I chose Chantilly Lace by Benjamin Moore since Tudor houses are notorious for being dark and gloomy. What better to brighten it up than with some super white paint, and new lighting (my new obsession). Take a looksie at just what a coat of paint can do to make the house a blank canvas. Looking back at the before pics, I see why people ran away from this house screaming:


before                                                                    after  


before                                                       after


before                                                               after

Phase 1: Check!

Now onto Phase 2! I hired an architect to draw up my floorplans for permit, and have been having a field day compiling a bunch of styles I like. If you're on Pinterest, here is my Tudor board with oodles of styles to drool over. On my next blog, I'll show you all my style board concepts for each room... I promise you, it's gonna be awesome and not cookie cutter! 

Stay tuned for more weekly updates on my tudor renovation!






Love everything about all of this and can’t wait to see more!! Loved the before and after pics. But kinda sad about losing the heart room ?

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