A Pea in the Pod Maternity® Collab - Get Cozy Chic

A Pea in the Pod Maternity® Collab - Get Cozy Chic

Pregnancy in a nutshell is 9 months of crazy emotions; from excitement to fear to cravings to more cravings to pure joy. Looking back from when we were both pregnant with our sons (they're 2 weeks apart!), the one thing we were sad to say goodbye to were our uber comfy maternity clothes (I might have stretched out that 4th trimester a BIT too long)! I mean, zippers on jeans really are overrated after all.

In celebration of our new Boho Chic collaboration with A Pea in the Pod Maternity®, Lina and I selected our fave cozy chic maternity outfit. Because cozy isn't just a feeling, it's a look too! 


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Erin's Picks:

I love the soft lines of the Pietro Brunelli Striped Maternity Maxi Dress. It's perfect when you want to Netflix and Chill at home, or matched with stretchy ballet flats on those ever expanding feet for a night out on the town (but in bed by 9:30pm). The Petite Manifest diaper bag is the "anti-diaper" bag as it looks super stylish, but has amazing mom compartments. I thought all shoes required a blister or two before they would be comfy, but my amazing husband surprised me with a pair of custom shoes from Margaux. They make great push presents, just sayin...



Lina's Picks:

I mean...do I even need to explain why the Seraphine Adeline Nursing Shawl is so awesome? Use it as a cozy wrap, while nursing your babe, or as a chunky scarf! Best. Purchase. Ever.



A Pea in the Pod Maternity® Stylist Picks:

"The first chill of fall has us running for the softest of sweaters and our favorite pair of jeans. It’s no different when you’re a mama-to-be and that’s why we love to wear our sweater tunic and ankle jeggings  – the perfect, delicate combination of cozy and chic, polished and poised." -Pea in the Pod Maternity® style team


Don't forget to check out A Pea in the Pod Maternity® blog 40 Weeks of Chic to learn more about our newest Curated Nursery and read the Q&A for tips on how to get a cozy chic nursery of your own!

Stay tuned, we have more nursery and style inspiration coming from A Pea in the Pod Maternity® x Curated Nest, including two more Limited Edition Curated Nurseries! Follow us on Instagram for more goodies!



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