Be THAT Person…Who Gives the Coolest Gifts

Be THAT Person…Who Gives the Coolest Gifts

Is your refrigerator covered with birthday party invites, baby showers, and birth announcements? Today there are so many ways to shop that buying the perfect gift can be a bit daunting. There’s online searching, big box stores, boutiques stores… And then there is the question of registry, handmade, gift basket, re-gifting (hey, we won’t tell…). So how do you select the baby gift that gets rave reviews?? Let’s break it down, shall we?



I’m all about giving a few little quirky gifts that don’t break the bank, but shows that you are listening during your long work days together venting by the coffee machine. If you don’t have the time, the registry is a great fall back. 


Casual Friend

Unless you’re an overachiever, stick to the registry. Especially if it’s for a first-time parent, they have no idea what the future holds, so let them enjoy some amount of control while they still can. 😉


Best Friend

Go all out! Best friend gifts should be something that your friend will remember forever as this is a special and emotional time in her life. A little keepsake such as a handmade gift or inside joke will clearly bring out the water works. My best friend and I lived through the Sex and the City years, and she was a lover of all things Charlotte, so when she had her first baby, I gave her an engraved Tiffany’s rattle.

Lina gave her bestie a set of stacking blocks with the all the US Presidents on them, based on a game they used to play when they were kids, seeing who could name the most presidents. (Nerds!) And she also gave her the diaper pail from the registry, because it’s the most useful gift that no one else wants to give. You’re welcome.



This is a biggie. You get to have the cuddle time and watch this child grow, but as soon as a blowout or a tantrum happens, you can conveniently leave for “dinner reservations”. But when it comes to the first gift, many grandparents like to give something that will be meaningful and used daily.  It could range from the baby’s crib to the stroller, to a hand crochet blanket


Be the cool aunt/uncle that you always wanted to be. Think fun and something you loved as a child with your sibling. This can be the fun gift that doesn’t always have to be practical but can be a little quirky. 

Spouse/Partner (infamous Push Present)

Diamonds might be a girl’s best friend, but it’s not an experience. Why not give the gift of an interior designer so the gift is a magical experience creating a special room for your little one to grow up in. 

When you’re the Easter Bunny

The best part of Easter is waking up and tearing apart your basket to see what all is hidden in there. When I was young, I always secretly wanted the bright neon basket from CVS (don’t judge me…) But hey, we’ve all gotta grow up. Creating a gift basket for the trendy mamas out there, Lina and I curated an Easter basket that will grow with your child’s imagination and be practical in your daily life even after Easter. Each basket features a unique Alimrose doll with matching bib. We love that the bib is high quality (absorbent backing for droolers!) and perfect for pictures of your kiddo holding the doll. Also included is a luxurious stroller blanket from Oilo, all wrapped up in a storage basket that can be used in your nursery (vs. being stored in the attic). Each Easter basket is filled with gold Easter Eggs and Easter grass. Check out the whole gang


For more ideas, check out our Curated Nest’s Gifts! And did you know we have a registry too? Yep, cuz we’re all about making your life easier.




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