"Easy" like Sunday morning

"Easy" like Sunday morning

Saturday night my husband's family came over for dinner. We were having so much fun catching up and laughing that I didn't even notice how much wine was flowing. Not enough hours of sleep later...

My Sunday morning "I woke up like this face."


Photo credit: Toastmeetsworld

And let me tell you, def not as cute as the pup. BUT. The joy of family is that you can trip down the last couple stairs and roll into the kitchen in your PJs like it ain't no thang and nobody cares! You're just a regular mama fighting off sleep at 7 am. Yeah! And that's awesome. And to make it even awesomer, no matter how tired and grumpy you feel, or if you’re not a morning person (like me), your two year old still thinks the world of you. Doesn't matter that you have an eye mask still tangled up in your hair. That makes you even more interesting. And PJs? Makes you even cuddlier. 

 It's in these bleary-eyed moments where you have to push extra hard to be present and well, awake, but a happy little person who worships the ground you walk on lifts your spirit like no amount of coffee. As Erin can attest, I drink a LOT of coffee. 


For realz though, this warm fuzzy feeling doesn't last all day. LOL don't be silly. I get through the morning with some low key indoor activities (those blocks aren't going to stack themselves). Then, brunch at our fave diner (mmmm, pancakes), and finally, nap time for Jonah and mama! Yup, #familynapping. Living the dream, folks, living the dream. 

Hope you had a fun weekend and are gearing up for a great week. I’m feeling optimistic so far.

#wokeuplikethis #nojudgements #momlife #isitnaptimeyet?



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