Erin’s Nursery Part I - Preggo & Prepping

Erin’s Nursery Part I - Preggo & Prepping


If you’ve been following along on Instagram, you know that I am solidly in my 3rd trimester with Baby Girl Coren! While she’s kicking away, Lina and I have been painstakingly planning every detail of her nursery.

What happens when you put two boy moms, designers, wild preggo hormones, and a nursery shop together? Mamas gone nursery crazy! And a whole lot of pink. 💖

So we’re doing a blog series sharing the Curated Nest design process so you can see exactly how an interior designer works, and also get some tips and inspo from my baby’s nursery. Follow along as we share our progress, plus the final reveal, over the next couple of weeks.

Step 1: figure out a furniture layout for the space. This part is all about the functionality of the space and of course, keeping things super safe for baby. Her room is tricky because of its unusual shape, with angled walls, big windows, and 3 sets of doors.

To balance out the unique architecture in the room, our goal was to create symmetry by designing two major focal points. Our strategy was to choose a couple of standout pieces and then focus on soft textures to let those pieces be the stars. One of the standouts had to be the crib! And the second, a gorgeous daybed. I’ve always wanted one - they feel so luxurious, yet come in handy for cuddle time and all those mama “naps” I’ll be taking…

After many revisions, here’s where we landed on the furniture layout:

Erin’s Nursery Furniture Layout


The wall with the crib is the biggest wall, so it would need to be spectacular, with an epic crib and cool wallpaper to frame it. The daybed fit perfectly in the little nook by the Juliette balcony. The dresser was a natural fit right by the closet, and the glider worked well by the big window so I can “wistfully” gaze out while nursing LOL...🤱😉

Step 2: Once that was settled, step 2 in the design process was to think about inspiration and translate it into a mood board. I’ve always gravitated towards florals, both for interiors and my personal style, so this seemed like a good place to start.

Lina and I started pulling tons of images, going through all the products on our website, and lots of other designer sources too. Florals, greenery, and nature-inspired design are ultra trendy right now in all interiors, so it wasn’t a difficult job. The hardest part was narrowing it down!

We eventually came up with three design concepts we love:

1) My “Deerest”


2) Gold Leaf


3) Watercolor Floral


Any guesses on which one we picked? Hint – follow us on Instagram for sneak peeks! To be continued…


Stay tuned for Part 2!



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