Announcing our partnership with Gugu Guru!

We are thrilled to share our new partnership with Gugu Guru, the only online baby registry that curates itself. All you have to do is take a short “registry style” quiz, and based on your answers, Gugu Guru delivers a free baby registry with personalized product recommendations. Best of all, it’s based on your lifestyle, personal style, and nursery style.

It’s pretty awesome and saves you hours of research combing through a gazillion transformer-esque strollers and shmancy thermometers – trust us, we tried it ourselves!

 And guess what, we have partnered with Gugu as their nursery furniture and décor curators! We’ve helped them select a ton of new and gorgeous nursery items for their registry database. So now when you do the registry quiz, not only will you get a registry with gear & baby goodies, but also beautiful furniture and décor, hand selected by yours truly.

Boho Chic

 We sorted through hundreds of nursery furniture from various stores and made our suggestions based on cool factor, quality, and of course, safety. Cuz we’re mamas too! Check us out on social media this week as we post pics of our fave products from the Gugu registry.

Mod Mod Mod

In the meantime, you can see the style boards we curated for their “nursery style” quiz in Mod, New Vintage, Traditional, and Boho! What’s your style and which do you like best? Leave us feedback and we’ll design a full Curated Room based on your faves!

New Vintage

Traditional Inspiration

Pssst….create your registry or explore the goods at Gugu Guru today, and receive super secret special promos from Curated Nest! 


Lina & Erin

PS Remember to leave a comment telling us which one you like best and we'll design a new Curated Room around it! 

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