Holiday Travel Tips

Holiday Travel Tips

Before having my son, my husband and I were lucky enough to travel around the world. Within 6 years, we went to over 20 countries and 6 continents together with a determined mind that even with young kids, we’d still make it a priority to travel with them around the world starting 6 months old. HAHAHA! I said funny things pre kids…

While international trips right now are a distant memory, domestic trips we’ve got down pat! Now that the holidays are coming up, a lot of parents will be traveling for the first time with their little ones. Here are a few tips that have saved our sanities.

Baby Travel Tips:

  • Pack grouped items in clear gallon Ziplock bags to quickly grab on the go. This will help you from having to search for that one binky that will ultimately fall to the bottom of the diaper bag. Such as a variety of snacks, small toys, change of clothes, diaper change products. 
  • Don’t overpack. I like to multiply 2x the amount of tops by the days I’m traveling, 1.5x for pants, and divide the number of days by 2 for pajamas.
  • For seat choice on a plane, try to leave the middle seat open so you can bring aboard your car seat. It's like winning the travel lottery!

  • Gate check is the best thing like EVER, so if your baby is on your lap, throw the car seat, stroller, roller bag on down there, and leave that precious leg room for ediaper bag easy access.
  • Board the plane last. Why spend more time on the plane than you must, am I right!?

  • If your baby is used to a carrier, you can wear your baby during the flight, just not during take-off and landing. That’s been a lifesaver for us so you can still have hands free to eat tiny pretzels (quietly… baby’s sleeping!).
  • Give your baby the boob/bottle or pacifier when taking off and landing. Not only will it help their ears adjust, it will also distract them from all the sudden noises.
  • Ship your holiday gifts!! If you think it’s safer with you, think again, your snow globe is going DOWN while trying to wrangle your little one, and your beautifully wrapped boxes could be opened by security.

Toddler Tips:

You’re SCREWED, just bring BOOZE (for yourself)!!!

I always say, there's what you envision, and then there's reality! So try to just go with the flow. If your little one has to nap on the go, who cares... if lunch is at a different time than usual, who cares, throw some Cheerios into the equation... just go with it mama. 


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