Kitchen Decisions! HELP! - Erin's Tudor Renovation

Kitchen Decisions! HELP! - Erin's Tudor Renovation

So it's been a busy week over here. We finalized our plans for the house! We have a 3 car garage that's the original "carriage house" which is separate from the main house. Kind of a bummer, but it's so cute that walking with groceries in hand are slightly less annoying. Currently, when you walk in, you go right into the kitchen, and living up north where there's snow and mud, we are really going to need a mud room! Daily, my kitchen floor makes me cringe. I think I have PTSD from living in the city walking on the disgusting sidewalk and tracking the plague and dog poop into my apartment, so much poop! Anyhoo, we worked with our architect to create an addition to the house for the mud room which has coat storage, built in cubbies for the kiddo, W/D, and obligatory counter-top to put junk mail on and never touch again.  

I’m a HUGE fan of Pinterest, in fact, my board Tudor on Pinterest has been my new guilty pleasure. It’s so rare that I get to pick designs just for me. 

I decided I wanted the house to be in keeping with the English Tudor style architecturally, but in keeping as a modern family with kids and touches of Tudor so it doesn’t feel heavy and stuffy. The common complaint about Tudor houses are that they’re dark and choppy. The white walls have already drastically changed the brightness factor, and I went a little over the top picking cool lighting. It’s always been my thing, if you see how I dress, it’s always black and white, but then a crazy piece of jewelry. Obvi, my lighting will be my "jewelry" In this house!

We knew the kitchen would be the biggest challenge in the house. The previous owners put on an addition in the 90's which is a super odd shape, imagine a polygon. We originally wanted to push the kitchen out and make it a rectangle, but we didn't win the latest Powerball... sooo... As Tim Gunn says, "make it work people."

Imagine coming downstairs in the morning to your beautiful tile countertops, plastic laminate flooring (no, plastic laminate in 1993 did not look like wood, sorry), and a cozy built in banquette with vinyl pepper fabric on the cushions and matching valance. The 90’s were just a bad time in design, sorry Zack Morris.

The peppers on the walls and counter tiles really help you to understand that you are in fact... in a kitchen.

I have compiled some kitchen designs I LOVE, and I can't decide which direction I want to go in. What do you think!? Vote on Instagram which design you think I should do! Help me out and you could be the lucky winner to get the pepper valance! 

Option 1: White, Light, and Airy


Option 2: Modern Tudor-esque



Option 3: Eclectic Chic


Look forward to hearing everyone's input! 

XOXO, Erin

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