Moms Don't Get Sick Days

Moms Don't Get Sick Days

Winter is here, and that means illnesses which never end, but just merge into new illnesses. As much as I wish I could just wrap my family up in a bubble, my son needs to build his immune system. Therefore… every illness known to man from the common cold to the Bubonic plague will be rolling through our house this season.
As momma to an almost 2-year-old, this past month I’ve had not one, but TWO colds followed by the stomach flu which landed me in the ER. Granted, I probably lost 5lbs from it… trying to function with a toddler demanding my full attention was no joke! Wanna lay in bed and watch The Price is Right… Nope, you’re a parent now, you lay on the floor in the fetal position while playing peek-a-boo for as long as humanly possible. 
So, prepare for battle parents! Here is some advice to get you through the season alive (exhausted, but alive nonetheless).
  • Prevent chaos! Before that first inevitable sneeze, stash a box of toys and activities never seen before by your kiddo. Anything shiny and new that can hold their attention as long as possible so you can grumble on the floor. Think about it... 5 toys lasting 3 minutes each adds up to the time it takes for your Dayquil to kick in.
  • Play the game of “be mommy or daddy for the day”. Kids LOVE to help with tasks. Ask them to get you a tissue or play doctor. After all, it’s only fair that that they wipe YOUR boogies for a change.  
  • Let go. Be okay with letting go of the vegan, gluten free, organic meal for a bit. Pop Tarts have “fruit” in them, okay!?
  • Call in reinforcements! There are great services out there including and Before you get sick, do a few interviews of babysitters who can jump in at a moment’s notice. Neighborhood list serves have been a lifesaver for me. In Park Slope, Brooklyn, there is Park Slope Parents. It’s allowed me to reach out to fellow parents in my neighborhood whose nanny might be able to fill in for a few hours while I’m hugging the porcelain throne.
  • Stay healthy yourself Strike that one! No amount of Purell or Vitamin C can counteract the moment when your kid literally sneezes in your mouth!  

Good luck out there parents! Spring is just around the corner…  just 14 boxes of tissues and 3 bottles of Pedialyte from now.

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