One Room Two Ways: How To Revamp a Nursery from Girl to Boy

One Room Two Ways: How To Revamp a Nursery from Girl to Boy

Recently, we collaborated with A Pea in the Pod Maternity to create 3 limited edition Curated Nurseries based on their Fall maternity clothing line. One of our favorites, Pretty in Prints, was designed with a little girls room in mind, but we want to show you how a few changes can totally revamp your room from a girls nursery to a boy or gender neutral nursery.

When it comes to creating a nursery, especially for your first baby, you might spend countless hours researching top trends on Instagram or Pinterest (I'm guilty of clocking in some major Pinterest hours). When I found out I was having a boy, I was thrilled, but every nursery I gravitated towards had pink tones and an explosion of flowers everywhere. If you find yourself in my shoes, you can take a room you love and make a few modifications for a completely new look.

Our Pretty in Prints curated nursery has a mixture of deep blues and pinks - very designer chic, almost a chinoiserie-esque look, with its blue vine wallpaper, tufted crib, and pops of pink used sparingly on the crib bedding and accessories. By switching out the pink accessories for a boy or gender neutral tone, this room can be transformed.


We removed the pink bedding and opted for gorgeous block printed Malabar bedding with blue-gray and mustard tones, popped in a yellow tassel bin, and switched the art work to a cheetah print to bring out the black and gold tones throughout the room. Boom, Pretty in Prints is now Dashing in Prints



With a few changes, you can get an entirely new look, perfect when revamping for a 2nd baby, or if you're loving a room and want to make a few changes when you find out your ultrasound wasn't 100% accurate (yep, that happened to me, surprise!). 




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