Pregnancy the Sequel... Better or Worse than the Original!?

Pregnancy the Sequel... Better or Worse than the Original!?

When I was pregnant with my son 3 years ago, I felt like I was the first person ever to get pregnant, almost like a science experiment. Deep down I knew when my baby was born, we would ultimately find out it really was a squirrel alien food baby all along! 


Lo and behold, Nolan was born with 10 fingers, 10 toes, and a mop of thick hair instead of a fluffy tail. Now that I'm pregnant with my 2nd (a girl!), my experience has been com-plete-ly different. From symptoms to nesting and prep, it really is true what they say, EVERY PREGNANCY IS DIFFERENT! Here are a few things that shocked me this time around:


Get ready for pregnancy jeans as soon as that little + sign shows up! That's right... I def looked like I was in my 3rd trimester before I hit the 12 week mark! “Any minute now!” was my fave comment from a stranger at the grocery store at 15 weeks. Cue cursing under my breath...  


Whether it's just pregnancy vs. pregnancy or boy vs. girl, this time around I took up valuable real estate on my bathroom floor. With my son I was queasy and demanded any form of garlic removed from a mile range, but never got sick. Some people would suspect, "I bet it's a girl!!", but I have a bunch of friends who had girls and never once got sick (lucky ladies). 

One Day at a Time

The second time around, you're so tired running after a toddler you don't focus on every detail of the pregnancy. I have a few friends on their 2nd pregnancy who had to re-download their "The Bump" app to figure it out. For me personally, I love all of the updates on the baby’s development, so I might be one of the few who can tell you to the day how far along I am, and what fruit best matches with her size. Today I am a cantaloupe, thank you very much. 

What's your Superhero Power?

Rest while you can! Sleeping through the night is a distant memory cause you're already a light sleeper now, thanks to the conditioning you got from your first. FYI first-time mamas, as soon as you become a mom, you gain super human hearing powers specific to crying or tiny feet coming down the stairs to  creepily stare into your soul and scare the crap out of you in bed.


Sneeze pees... I'll just leave that one there. (Spoiler alert, it gets worse.)


Gear, hand me downs, you realize have a short life span. The first time around, I invested in all the top gear fearing only the best will keep my baby alive. But after Nolan was born I realized what matters most is your kids preference. Ultimately, my amazing $350 swing was like a torture mobile, yet the $20 bouncer was an instant soother... I decided this time around to wait and let my baby test friend’s gear and see if it is something my baby loves or hates before making a big purchase. 

Nursery (To Share or Not to Share)

Before finding out the gender, I knew if we had a 2nd boy, I'd love for them to share a room, and if we had a girl, I would obviously go balls out and decorate her room to the 9's. To help with the transition for my son, I opted to do an overhaul and give him a "big boy toddler room" with a daybed and play fort. I felt this would help him to see that he's not being replaced, but promoted to BIG BRO status. It's also a great opportunity prior to the babies arrival to transition, be it out of the crib, or potty training. 

Baby Day! 

Unfortunately when you have other kids, you can't just throw cheerios on the floor and hope for the best. This time around, labor takes a lot more logistics. We have a plan for who is going to get my son when I go into labor, as well as a backup, and a backup to the backup depending on time of day this goes down! 

Sibling Meet & Greet

Lastly, since this is something I've never had to plan for as this is our 2nd baby, I reached out to one of my mom crushes and super mom CEO at Hello Spud (WITH 3 BOYS!!) for tips on the meet & greet. She said when each of her boys was born, she would get a welcome gift from the baby, "We found it to be super helpful to buy a gift to give the older siblings...telling them it was a gift from the baby. It truly helped them bond. Our oldest son talked about the gift he received from our middle son for the longest time after. When our third son was born and he received his gift at the hospital he looked at me and said is there anything else? This is it?"

Were your subsequent pregnancies different than the first!? Let us know!




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