Stages of Leaving Your Little Human for the First Time...

Stage 1 😧:  Total and irrational fear leading up for weeks. 
Stage 2 😏:  Not gonna lie, getting a little pumped to sleep in! 
Stage 3 😭:  Bawling like a baby on the way to the airport. 
Stage 4 🤗:  Holy $*#^, I can cuss to my heart’s content, feed myself without simultaneously hand feeding someone else, eat pizza in bed via room service while binge watching HGTV. 
Stage 5 😎:  I should have done this sooner! 
Stage 6 😰:  BAHHHH! Why oh why did I ever leave!? He won’t remember me! Then grow up to hate me! Then it will cost an arm and a leg in therapy bills saying how his mother abandoned him as a young child. 
Stage 7 😍:  I’m home! I’m going to cherish every little moment; we can take all the time you want walking to the park admiring the noises of the city, or stop to watch an ant crawl on the ground. 
Stage 8 😴:  Ok, this is taking too long… when is nap time??


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