Why we recommend a glider for your nursery

Why we recommend a glider for your nursery

As International Breastfeeding Awareness Month comes to a close, it makes Erin and me both reflect on our experiences with feeding in that “fourth trimester”. The whole experience is a bit of a blur for both of us – the sleep deprivation is so real. I remember always looking around for a comfy perch to feed and snuggle with Jonah. My Brooklyn apartment was flooded with family, and sometimes it was hard to find a moment to breathe (sorry fam, luv ya though).


Nola glider in nursery

It turned out one of the best investments I made to get through those insane months was my glider. For some reason, everyone automatically knew that when I was feeding Jonah there, it was hands-off, quiet time. I have owned a wooden rocking chair before, but this thing was a rocking chair on steroids. It enveloped me in a cushiony hug and allowed me doze while Jonah was feeding (sort-of, because new mom anxiety is also real). I had a soft, happy perch for my arms, a place to rest my head, and an ottoman to push the gliding motion with my feet. All essential things I learned!!

penelope glider in nursery

As my little peanut grew, the glider became a wonderful place for winding-down, singing, and storytime. Now that he’s 2 and has the energy of a spastic puppy, I can rest there in his room while he plays with trains on the floor (for about 3 mins top, granted, before I am needed for train track repair…).

I admit I totally splurged on my glider. It’s the most expensive thing in my nursery, but it’s a place of warmth and happiness no matter what. My glider is a pillowy one from a high-quality company called Monte, but back then, before Curated Nest, I didn't know that Oilo existed.

Nola glider in nursery

Our current faves are the Oilo Penelope Glider and Oilo Nola Swivel Glider. They’re different styles, but both very ergonomic and of designer level quality. The Penelope gives you a wingback look (head rest!), and goes really well with traditional or transitional décor. The Nola is like sitting on a cloud and gives you a breezier, coastal feel….but styled right it can go with lots of styles.

Nola glider in nursery

Both come in a million fabrics and piping! These and other Oilo gliders are currently 10% off with code OILOGLIDER at checkout. Email us if you have questions since it is a big purchase, but I promise you, if your feeding experience is anything like mine, it's worth it.

Oilo Nola Swivel Glider & Oilo Penelope Glider

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PS My babe and me the day we got home from the hospital, frizzy hair and everything. 

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