About Us: Designer Mamas

Hello and thanks for stopping by! We're Erin Coren and Lina Galvao, interior designers and recent first-time moms living in Brooklyn, NYC. After designing nurseries for our own babies (our tiniest and toughest clients!), we saw a need to change the way parents and loved ones shop for nurseries. And so Curated Nest was born.

At Curated Nest, we strive to curate beautiful and functional rooms with the coolest (and safest...yeah, we're moms too) products in furniture and decor from hip sources and artists - so that you don't have to scour the internet for that perfect piece or buy a matching set from a store. Our goal is to offer you the style of hiring an interior designer, yet the transparency and ease of an online site. 

We welcome custom requests and feedback, and sincerely hope you have fun with the Curated Nest experience!


Co-Founder Erin Coren

Curate Nest, Custom Design Baby Nursery Rooms, Erin Coren with her son NolanWith over 10 years in the interior design industry and achieving her license through the NCIDQ, Erin has worked on various notable residential design projects for corporate CEO's, magazine editors, television shows, and celebrity homes with her firm EMC² Interiors. While designing a nursery for her son Nolan in 2015, she realized she was her own worst client.

Having a deeper understanding of the challenge new parents go through in designing their baby's nursery, Erin sought a new way to shop for a cohesive design online, curated by stylish and safety conscious moms. With a background designing high-end nurseries, and the experience first hand of well...reality, Erin is passionate about creating magical spaces for babies to thrive and offering rooms with the function and style that parents love. ("Erin is a true design rockstar! Just sayin'." -Lina) 


Co-Founder Lina Galvao

Curate Nest, Custom Design Baby Nursery Rooms, Lina Galvao with her son Jonah


Lina began her career with almost a decade of business consulting for hospitals and health care organizations. After a little kick in the pants from the universe, she finally gave in to her passion for interior design, popped the champagne, and never looked back. For the past four years, she's been helping clients in New York City and studying interior design at the Fashion Institute of Technology. Lina’s joy comes from bold designs and color, inspired by her Latina background. For her, designing for babies and kids is the most fun thing to do, like, ever.


Lina is a proud mama to one-year old Jonah and two slobbery, shedding, overactive dogs in Brooklyn. Born and raised in Brazil, Lina holds degrees from both Yale and Columbia University. 


Why We Are Different

Preparing for baby is a magical time for parents. As designers and new mamas, we recently went through the excitement of designing a nursery and expecting a baby, and were shocked at the amount of time spent in the nursery once baby arrived. We learned that in between 3am feedings and a game of what’s that smell, we believe a beautiful and functional nursery can be a breath of fresh air (literally). A well-designed nursery increases the joy and eases the hard work of being a parent!

We simplify and improve the process of designing a nursery by:

  • creating curated designer rooms that are fit for magazines, but available to everyone online
  • hand selecting products that combine quality, safety, beauty, and function
  • offering comprehensive designs; reducing the need for extensive research for parents
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