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Welcome! Want something one-of-a-kind or have a challenging space? We've got ya covered mama!

We'll work with you online via phone, video, and email to create the perfect nursery, toddler room, or playroom design for your little one. You'll have access to everything on our website, plus 100's of our secret designer brands. Whether you need a kickstart or a full makeover, we'll make the design process a less stressful and special experience for you...all from the comfort of your home. You may not need to stress eat that extra doughnut, but go ahead, mama, we won't tell. 

XOXO, Erin and Lina

How it Works


Get comfy and let's be friends over phone or video chat


Put your feet up as we create a special nursery as unique as your baby


Bond with your bump as your nursery comes together with your custom design and shopping list

Petite Nest

Let us give you a design kickstart with a custom mood board tailored to your Pinterest/Houzz pins!

Dream Nest

As close to hiring an interior designer as it gets while chilling at home in your stretchy pants. For nurseries, toddler rooms, & playroom!

  • "I was 100% happy with my nursery design experience! As a first time mom, I didn’t know exactly what I needed. These ladies gave me the perfect design advice for a gorgeous and functional room that was chic, elegant and not too “babyish.” They had smart recommendations about storage and safety, which I really appreciated."

    • C. Cahlon
  • "In addition to providing the finished look/feel that I had envisioned...they were a pleasure to work with. I found them to be easily accessible, very responsive and always professional...Their abundance of charm is only exceeded by their design abilities."

    • D. Miller
  • "It is amazing how much she opened up the space as it was filling with more furniture. It now looks bigger than when it was empty. I had a thousand different styles I loved, and she was able to put all my ideas together so they made sense. Absolute Success!"

    • K. Jubach
  • "They have exceeded all my expectations. Erin and her team are professional, courteous, and were on point with regard to my design taste. It was an incredible experience and I plan to work with them on future projects."

    • D. Warren
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