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Florals as visual elements have been ever-present in the design and decoration of spaces for, well, ever. Let’s face it, plants have been on this planet for hundreds of thousands of years longer than us - spending all of that time perfecting their form - so it makes perfect sense that we would draw inspiration from them as a source of beauty throughout the centuries.

However, not all expressions of florals in interior design are created equal. For those of you who were even remotely aware of the wall coverings in your childhood homes during the late 80’s, it is likely that dizzying, busy floral wallpaper (sorry grandma!) adorned the walls in AT LEAST one of the rooms. In fact, I think 50% of the walls in my childhood home might have fallen victim to this design trend. 😱

Image source: Essential home

Not today though, folks! If you follow any interior design accounts on Instagram, you’ve probably noticed that florals have been back in a bigger and bolder way for a while now. This has been true in kids spaces and more recently, adult spaces too. One of the great things about them is that they are so user-friendly and translate well across design styles. No matter your personal design aesthetic; modern, traditional, and everywhere in between, there is a floral expression that will compliment your space.

We’re highlighting this design trend with our fave projects: some darling and seriously stylish nurseries featuring oversized floral patterns, textures, and murals. Nurseries are a bit of a “pet” project for mamas with young kids, we can’t help it, ok? Don’t judge!

Inês’s Nursery: Sophisticated colors stand the test of time

In Inês’s nursery, we used this beautiful wallpaper to serve as a focal point and stunning backdrop for the modern crib. As promised, the flowers are big and bold, and surrounded by unexpected bumblebees (the nice kind that remind us of royalty, not of being stung on the playground!). By selecting furniture and accents in light, natural materials like rattan and mother of pearl, we were able to keep the wallpaper from feeling busy, delivering the boho-style serenity these new parents were so craving. And, oh that gauzy canopy!

Click here to check out more photos of Inês's Nursery

The sophisticated colors in the wallpaper will help it stand the test of time as this baby girl grows up (even though it doesn’t have to because it is REMOVABLE - what?!). While it is undoubtedly feminine, the muted tones of dusty rose, coral, and mustard tones down the pink.

Click here to check out more photos of Ines's Nursery

Stella’s Nursery: An oversized mural defines the space

For Stella’s nursery design, we selected a stunning watercolor floral mural. It's actually custom-sized wallpaper, but it seriously looks hand painted! #swoon The remaining walls stayed white to make the space feel light and airy, while rose-gold crib adds a touch of glam.

Click here to check out more photos of Stella's Nursery

In this nursery we had a good amount of square footage to play with, so we created loosely defined "zones" of activity. The mural wall designates the “quiet” zone with the crib and glider for quiet feeding and lullabies. The “changing” zone with dresser and closet sits on the opposite wall.

Click here to check out more photos of Stella's Nursery

And in the adjacent corner, well we put baby in a corner, but bear with us, we have a good signature, Curated Nest, family friendly reason for it. We created a dreeeamy corner “play / reading” zone with an adorable lace teepee (with a floral crown but of course!) as most kids love cozying up in little nooks. We went over the top and also added this amazing daybed (we’re obsessed!) which will one day be Stella’s “big girl” bed. Worth it? 100%!

Click here to check out more photos of Stella's Nursery

Large scale floral murals create a great opportunity to use florals in a contained space, like a bedroom or nursery (might be too much for a living room or dining room). It makes sense for those of your looking to make a big statement with florals, without being too sweet about it.

Charlotte’s Nursery: Do you need giant flowers on your wall to pull off this design trend?

Not necessarily, and new smaller scale floral patterns have been coming on the market in a big way lately. Charlotte's boho chic nursery does feature a sweeping design of peony decals on the wall, but it is also chock-full of understated, hand-crafted floral accents and accessories that totally complete this look.

Click here to check out more photos of Charlottes's Nursery

The white floral lamp and mirror provide dimension and the cascading flowers mobile over the crib add gentle movement. And the watercolor florals on the bedding add just a bit of smaller scale pattern to compliment the larger blooms on the wall. These elegant touches are just as changeable and perhaps a little less intimidating for someone looking to introduce this trend into their living spaces in a more subtle way.

Click here to check out more photos of Charlottes's Nursery

There are flowers EVERYWHERE! BUT because all floral accents were layered with soft textures and non-floral pieces, deliberately chosen from the same color palette of blush and white, the effect is soft, cohesive, and sophisticated - one that is sure to delight and grow along with this little girl!

not into pink?

Luckily, flowers come in many colors - props to mother nature. Check out these beautiful nurseries that don’t totally lean into shades of pink.

Image sources listed below

Hopefully we’ve inspired you to embrace this versatile trend in your own way! Or contact us, we’ll bring you a bouquet of wallpaper samples. :)



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Additional nursery image sources: Anewall, Marie Flanigan Interiors, House of Hanes Interiors, Pinterest

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