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Updated: Jun 15, 2020

So, picture this.

Two bleary-eyed new mamas head to Burrito Bar in Park Slope, Brooklyn, to meet up with other bleary-eyed new mamas, all wearing their newborns and hungry for adult conversation. Which of course devolves into fun topics like, how much sleep they haven’t gotten lately, why their house is a hot mess, or why does this tiny new roommate have so. much. stuff?! Yup, sh-t just got real for these two mamas, and they find solace over nachos, learning about both their passions for interior design.

Erin had studied interior design in Georgia, her native state, and worked with lots of celeb-type clients in Atlanta out of the famed design firm, Pineapple House. She ventured to NYC to start her own interior design firm, EMC2 Interiors, which she ran for 10 years prior to taking some time off to enjoy her baby son. She designed and renovated high-end apartments, brownstones, and second homes from top to bottom, and learned to talk faster, like a proper NY native. (She still drinks sweet tea though.)

Erin and Lina, from left to right

Lina was pursuing interior design as a second career after working in public health and hospital management. While studying at FIT’s interior design program, she was 1) the oldest student; 2) the only one who didn’t know what Snapchat was; and 3) the only one pregnant during finals. At that point though, she was committed! Also going out on her own, Lina worked with clients in New York and New Jersey homes before meeting Erin.

It was a fast friendship and before they knew it, Curated Nest Interiors was born in 2016. As new moms, and with lots of friends who had young children, they soon realized there had to be a better way to design for families who were struggling to fight the total toy-takeover and kids mean “we can’t have nice things” attitude.

Through extensive research, experience, creativity, and many in-home tests (our personal laboratories!), Curated Nest Interiors dove head-first into a new family focused niche--delivering livable luxury to families by creating a first and foremost, a functional space, followed by aesthetics, quality, and sustainability.


It’s been a fun ride, and we welcome you to our home, our baby--Curated Nest Interiors. We think we’ve done a great job nurturing it. Here, in this blog, we plan to share what we’ve learned and created along way and provide you with inspiration, information, and our unique twist on family friendly design. Whether you’re a first-time parent or a veteran-rockstar-supermom-parent-of-5, you’re in the right place.

So hi, welcome. We’re Erin and Lina, and we’re pumped to start the conversation right here on The Nest.


Erin, Lina, & the Curated Nest Interiors team

Work with us!

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