The Designer Nest in Light as a Feather

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heart bullet point Over $1,500 off when you get The Designer Nest in Light as a Feather. Wow!

This is it folks, the whole kit and caboodle, the deluxe package, the buy more, save more deal. The Designer Nest in Light as a Feather includes everything you need to outfit your designer nursery from top to bottom, including: 

heart bullet point Twenty-four (24) products + a complimentary design consultation with interior designers Erin & Lina. Awesome!

Light as a Feather is airy and soft in white, neutrals, and cornflower blue, and the clear acrylic crib and bubbles light give the room an ethereal feel. It's one of our most sophisticated nurseries, and will go perfectly in any home that has modern, neutral, or minimalist decor. If you love ombre, the wallpaper and rug will agree with you, and animal friends in the art, mobile, lamp, and bookends keep the room youthful and sweet. Perfect for a little gentleman or for a gender neutral look.


Product Category Product Name(s)
Design Consultation 
  • Complimentary 20 min phone consult with interior designers Erin & Lina to help with styling once you receive your nursery.
  • We will send you a personal email to schedule the consult. We are on call to make your nursery a magical place!

Crib & crib accessories

  • Roh Acrylic Crib
  • Roh Acrylic Crib Conversion Kit
  • Crib Bumper in Cornflower Cross Stitch
  • Crib Sheet in Cornflower Blue
  • Voile & Velvet Quilt - Cornflower Blue
  • Designer's tip: FYI, the gorgeous Roh crib does not require a crib skirt.
  • Isabella White Dresser - 40"W x 20"D x 32"H
  • Changing Tray - White 

Glider & ottoman 

  • Penelope Glider in Bright White and Slate
  • Matching Round Pouf in Bright White and Slate
Accent / Side Table
  • Hourglass Accent Table - Powder Blue
  • Blue to Grey Ombre Rug - 4'W x 5'3"L
    Art & wall decor
    • Baby Bunny Print (silver frame) - 11.5"x13.5"
    • Baby Raccoon Print (silver frame) - 11.5"x13.5"
    • Baby Squirrel Print (silver frame) - 11.5"x13.5"
    • Glass Bubbles Ceiling Mount Light
    • Owl Lamp Night Light
    • Banana Leaf Baskets - White
    • Light Blue Mist Stripes Storage Drum
    • Grey Pom Pom "Pint-sized" Storage Bin
    • Lumbar Pillow in Cornflower Cross Stitch
    • Pillow in Cornflower Velvet
    • Gray Patchwork Animal Mobile
    • Moose Bookends - Set of 2
    Wallpaper (optional)
    • Feathers Wallpaper with feathers in 3 shades of blue-grey, creating an all-over ombre effect 
    • Includes 4 rolls
    • Roll size: 25"W x 108"H
    • If you require more, you may purchase it as an individual product. Here's a wallpaper calculator for your reference.



    Shipping & delivery for The Designer Nest in Light as a Feather is a flat fee of $450.

    Items in this room will ship separately. 

    Details, Details

    For further dimensions, photos, or detailed information on each product, please visit each individual product page within our Light as a Feather nursery.

    We cannot make exceptions or product replacements for the Designer Nest. If you would like a custom collection designed just for you, check out our Online Design Services here.

    If one of the many products included in The Designer Nest becomes suddenly out of stock or backordered after you have placed your order, we will notify you immediately. We will work with you to find an awesome replacement product. 

    Gift cards can (and should!) be used towards the purchase of The Designer Nest.

    Questions, contact us!


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